Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cultivator of Weeds

Thank you for nothing,
If you met my dad,
You'd be utterly in awe,
He's 82,
And worth a million of you,
Defined by his nation,
Born in a haystack,
Betrayed by his station.

In life,
 Never a more honest person,
Hard-working, humble,
Gentle and gentile,
Who always would stumble,
Into the heart of the matter,
Through verbal debate,
A reading of books,
A concept of fate,
Or simply,
Appreciating experience,
More being less,
But Holy God,
I digress,
Thank you for nothing,
It's my bad,
I was writing to thank you,
For the beautiful balloon ride,
But was soon derided,
For too many lines,
starting with Capitals.

well capital for you,
i tip my cap to you,
cap my enthusiasm,
insert your cap,
And brace yourself,
if you met my dad,
you'd appreciate,
my digression,
And sense of fate...
WhIsPeRs Thank you Father,
For Everything,
Thank you.
Cultivator of Weeds,
For Nothing.

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